SOS Client application - Processing a call

The emergency calls are made automatically when monitoring equipment installed at the clients (disabled and old people) detects an alarm (fire, smoke, assault and other manually triggered alarms).
Once a call is received, a voice response application communicates, using DTMF, with the monitoring equipment to determine the cause of the alarm and the ID of the monitoring equipment. The identity of the client is then determined by mapping the ID of the monitoring equipment to a social security number using a local DB/2 database and a remote social security number database.

SOS Client application - Monitoring the status queue

Based on a number of parameters such as the cause of the alarm, the location of the client and the time of day, the call is either dispatched to a mobile operator (via radio or cellular phones) or a 24*7 manned Emergency Operations Center.
Once the call has been sucessfully dispatched to an operator, the monitoring equipment switches to voice mode and the operator talks to the client to resolve the problem.