Personal data

Name Anders Bo Melander
Address Egedevej 179, Rode
DK-4690 Haslev
Phone (+45) 56390029
Date of birth 05-dec-1964.
Nationality Danish.
Interests Gardening
Science fiction
Software development

Current skills

With almost 30 years experience in software development I have accumulated more skills than I can reasonably list here. Technologies come and go and unused knowledge fast become obsolete, so I have only listed the technological skills I currently employ on a regular basis.

Area Skill Level[1]
Languages Delphi
Prism (Delphi for .NET)
x86 assembler, MMX, SSE
C, C++
Environments RAD Studio (Delphi, C++ Builder)
Visual Studio (Prism)
Adobe DreamWeaver
Tools ERwin (data modelling)
StarTeam (revision management)
Source Safe (revision management)
WISE Install (install builder)
AQtime (performance profiler)
TestComplete (automated test)
Frameworks VCL
ExtJS (JavaScript)
Methologies Extreme Programming.
Databases InterBase

1) Jvf. Ministeriet for Videnskab, Teknologi og Udvikling’s Definition af kompetanceniveauer.  

Career history

2002- Aztech ApS.
Software Architect.
Tools: Delphi

  • I founded Aztech together with two former SYNTAX employees.
  • I have designed and implemented a wide variety of POS back office applications for use by JYSK in their more than 500 shops in Scandinavia, United Kingdom and East Europe. Read more…
1998-2002 SYNTAX Gruppen A/S
Software Architect.
Tools: Delphi

  • I transformed the company’s main product, S-BOSS, from a small client/server paradox based system to a large n-tier SQL based system.
  • I successfully transitioned the software development division from their current waterfall based development process to a more modern agile development process.
1996-1998 L-R Software A/S
Software Engineer.
Tools: Delphi, C++

  • I designed and implemented a development frame work for use in voice response applications.
  • I designed and implemented several mission critical 24/7 applications for use in the health sector.
1995-1996 Abacus Technology ApS.
Software Engineer, Development Manager, Partner.
Tools: Delphi, C++
1994-1995 Bookers & Co
Software Engineer.
Tools: Delphi, C
1993-1994 Independant consultant.
Clients included Responsor (IBM), Danish Ministry of Education, The Prime Minister’s Office, The Danish Parliament, School of Dentistry, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries.
Tools: C, C++, Pascal, DEC Rally, VAX Macro, Alpha AXP Macro
1987-1993 Raxco A/S
Software Engineer, Support Manager, VAX/VMS System Manager.
Tools: C, C++, Pascal, DataFlex, 80×86 asm
1984-1985 Voluntary military service.
The Kings Artillery Regiment.
Educated as medical assistant.
1983-1984 Daytronic Data A/S
Electronics assembly, Software Engineer.
Tools: Basic, Comal, Zilog Z80 asm, Zilog Z8000 asm
1979 Christian Rovsing A/S
Electronics Assembly. QA.
Tools: Basic
1978 CR Card System A/S (Christian Rovsing)
Electronics Assembly.


1993 Sunbelt - Paris
Courses in:

  • OpenVMS version 6.
  • Windows NT kernel.
  • UNIX Security.
  • OpenVMS Security.
  • OpenVMS and Windows NT Memory Management.
1992-1993 Niels Brock, Copenhagen Business College - Copenhagen
Business organization and management.
1991-1992 Akademisk Studenter Kursus (High School) - Copenhagen
Physics, update.
1990 Digital - Hørsholm
Courses in:

  • DECnet phase V.
  • Pathworks.
  • Management with NetOP.
1989 Raxco - Copehagen
Courses in:

  • VAX/VMS version 5 update.
  • VAX/VMS Security.
1988 Salcom - Stockholm
Courses in:

  • VAX/VMS Performance Management.
  • VAX/VMS Programming for Performance.
  • VAX/VMS version 5.
1986-1988 Akademisk Studenter Kursus (High School) - Copenhagen
Majoring in mathematics and computer science.
1985-1986 EFG - Helsingør
Majoring in electronics and CAD/CAM.
-1983 Stenhus Boarding School - Holbæk
High School, Majoring in mathematics and physics.
Elementary school.

Recent Development Projects

Open Source
Client: The Delphi Community.
Tools used: Delphi & C++ Builder.
Description: I have been an active contributor to the Delphi community since the first version of Delphi. Notable contributions include the TGIFImage library which is now a part of Delphi and several minor improvements to the RTL and VCL libraries. Most recently I have contributed a resource editor which is scheduled to be included in a future version of Delphi. I have been a participant in the Delphi field tests since Delphi 1.
For a description of my open source projects, please see my Delphi pages.
MediaPortal Universal Plus and Play
Client: The MediaPortal project.
Tools used: C# & Delphi.NET.
Description: I developed the first fully featured Universal Plug and Play server, control point and renderer for MediaPortal.
Client: Dansk spa Design
Tools used: PHP, JavaScript & PhotoShop.
Description: Web-shop based on WordPress. A new version is currently being implemented.
Client: Aztech
Tools used: PHP, JavaScript & PhotoShop.
Description: Dynamic web site based on WordPress.
Client: JYSK, Matas, Pot & Pande, TP-musik, Køkkengrej, many others.
Tools used: Delphi
Database: Interbase, Oracle, MS-SQL, DB/2
Description: POS back office system. I was responsible for redesigning and subsequently rewriting the S-BOSS application and database tiers from a proprietary DCOM and Paradox based system to a N-tier (DataSnap/DCOM/TCP/IP) and SQL based framework.
Client: Delphia Yachts
Tools used: PHP, JavaScript & PhotoShop.
Description: Static web site.
FineFOOD importer
Client: FineFood, Copenhagen Airport.
Tools used: Delphi
Database: None.
Description: Credit card transaction converter. Import, validation and conversion of credit card transaction files from the ViKING POS system to the format used by PBS (Danish Payment Systems).
Ny-Lolland Direkte
Client: Sparekassen Lolland, Lolland.
Tools used: Delphi
Database: Paradox
Description: Loan processing system. Application for data entry and computer assisted loan application processing.

For older projects please continue reading here.